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Ingredients and Manufacturing:

  • Organic Ghee (from grass-fed cows), Rose Petals, and Rose essential Oil (0 Chemicals, 0 Preservatives, 0 Colors, 0 Dyes)
  • We are 100% Made in USA
  • Made with Highest Quality Organic Ingredients sourced from USA
  • Gluten Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Hormonal Balance Friendly

How to Use:

  • Use a clean spoon/clean fingers to scoop out some product in a bowl prior to your bath/exfoliating routine. Warm the product between your hands and gently massage in upward strokes on damp/wet skin.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Please refrigerate as this product is completely free from preservatives and emulsifiers.
  • Use a clean spoon/clean fingers to scoop out some product in a bowl prior to your bath/exfoliating routine.


  • Made with pure Organic Ghee, which has the power to deliver nutrients deep into the tissues.
  • Enriched with Rose Oil to help with acne, balance hormones, relieve anxiety, uplift mood, reduce rosacea and naturally increase libido. It makes your skin more permeable to absorb the healthy nutrients in Ghee.
  • Rose oil has the highest frequency of any essential oil at about 320 MHz and helps raise our vibration for better mental and physical health.
  • Hand pounded Rose Petals gently exfoliates and entices the senses to boost luxurious skin.
  • With regular use, you will revitalize your skin and maintain your youthful glory. Daily massage with this scrub supports lymphatic drainage and promotes strong, toned bone structure.
  • Skin becomes firmer, well hydrated, superbly nourished, even toned and supple. Scars fade way. Wrinkles soften and disappear. This imparts a natural glow and silk-like texture to the skin.
  • Add this to your daily bath routine for a true sense of well-being.
  • A truly chemical free and clean product. No other scrub in the market comes close to this in regenerative powers without introducing harsh chemicals, parabens, and carcinogens into the body.
  • 100% safe to use during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Great for anyone with auto-immune disorders as this does not trigger hormone imbalance.
  • Herbal formulation that is gentle yet effective – safe for all skin types.
  • Safe to use during medical treatments.
  • Overall, the perfect, healthy exfoliator for the whole family.



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75 reviews for GHEE SUGAR SCRUB – Rose

  1. Francis Rodgers

    My face feels really smooth and it looks so shiny and refreshed after using this product.

  2. Cordelia Floyd

    Works great

  3. Wayne Ruiz

    I love these sugar scrubs so much! I love how grainy they are, they really get the exfoliation job done. body is left feeling silky & smooth

  4. Ryan Bryant

    The best ever…excellent moisturizing and amazing skin clarity.

  5. Terry Larson

    I love this sugar scrub!!!

  6. Ada Cross

    I love this scrub! It does a super job exfoliating and leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed. It smells great.

  7. Catherine Morrison

    Best scrub I’ve used. I have super sensitive skin and could never find a scrub that didn’t irritate my skin until this one. It works great at getting rid of dry skin and leaves it super soft. Smells great and a tiny amount goes a long way.

  8. George Ortega

    I love it. Makes skin Smooth soft. Does make me itchy though.

  9. Maurice Pena

    Love the smell of it and it makes my skin super soft. I use it once week and should last a long time.

  10. Shawn Byrd

    I absolutely love this scrub! It is really abrasive but that’s what I like about it. I get dry itchy skin & this seriously helps & great way to wake up!

  11. Claudia Hogan

    This stuff is amazing!! I have sensitive skin and I am able to use this on my face and the rest of my body without any irritation! And after use my skin feels super soft!! I will not go without this!

  12. Jerry Berry

    I love this product the scent is amazing. It’s very nice for exfoliating and moisturizing

  13. Rachel Lyons

    The smell is amazing, my face, body and skin is absolutely softer and moisturized after using this at least 3 times a week. My skin is really sensitive and this works Great.

  14. Justin Roy

    I used this daily while deployed. It smoothed out my skin & tremendously reduced the visibility of cellulite. I will Never stop using it!!!

  15. Beulah Burns

    Love, love the smell. I use this with a body glove, and it is amazing!!!

  16. Ryan Rodriquez

    This stuff is great! It smells amazing & a little bit goes a long way.

  17. Elva Keller

    It’s a good product and it’s extremely cheap.

  18. Curtis Wilkins

    I love the sakaraessentials sugar scrubs they are the only ones I use!, even for sensitive and intimate areas. It keeps skin smooth and helps with clear skin

  19. Estella Scott

    This are the best scrubs I’ve tried. They leave your skin really soft, probably because of the Shea.

  20. Carolyn Delgado

    It’s a good product. It smells great and is a great scrub. I keep it in the shower and use it every time.

  21. William Clayton

    I love this body scrub. A little goes a long way. Makes my legs & arms so soft. Highly recommend!

  22. Jordan Boone

    Make my skin very soft and fresh

  23. Leonard Maxwell

    Very nice product.

  24. Walter Douglas

    Great product and does what is expected. Leaves a little film on my scrim that I’m not fond of but my GF didn’t notice it.

  25. Madge Harper

    I love this sugar scrub…. great scent invigorating …. leaves your skin filling soft and smooth. Great product!!!!

  26. Lettie Perez

    I absolutely love this! It smells heavenly and makes my skin feel amazing! I plan to buy more when I run out and would highly recommend it to others.

  27. Cordelia Stokes

    All around great product! Smells delicious too!

  28. Cordelia Simon

    Smells amazing and has helped my dry cracked hands a lot!

  29. Miguel Nichols

    Amazing product!! Makes skin super soft and helps with acne. Also smells amazing.

  30. Amy Hawkins

    Scrub was excellent

  31. Lily Miller

    I will be buying this again. It smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling very soft.

  32. Franklin Price

    Smell is very strong but smells amazing. I gave a guy who works with his hands everyday a manicure and used this to wash his hands and he was so amazed. I will be purchasing again when mine starts to get low.

  33. Lillian Marshall

    Great sugar scrub

  34. Celia Green

    Love the smell!! Leaves skin very soft

  35. Rebecca Maldonado

    I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves body scrubs. She has made sure to tell me multiple times how much she loves this one!

  36. Vera Sutton

    Love the smell and perfect scrub!

  37. George Jensen

    The smell is amazing. My skin feels great after I use it.

  38. Birdie Hodges

    I love the smell! It’s a great sugar scrub. It leaves your skin very soft.

  39. Seth Weber

    I have sensitive skin and absolutely love this sugar scrub. It exfoliated, moisturized and caused no irritation at all

  40. Adeline West

    This product is fantastic. It is gentle enough to use daily. I love everything from the natural ingredients to the collagen infusion to the pleasant smell and results! Highly recommend!!!

  41. Johanna Barrett

    I love this scrub so much! it’s one of the best scrubs I’ve used. it feels great on my skin and it smells so good

  42. Nina Boone

    smells great, works great and makes skin super soft. but you have to make sure you rinse your shower out after you use.

  43. Mattie Chavez

    Smells so good and works well for exfoliating!

  44. Ola Miles

    I love this stuff. It smells wonderful. It’s not harsh and it makes my skin so soft and smooth. I will definitely buy it again.

  45. Emilie Turner

    Love these scrubs. It smells so good.

  46. Blanche Rivera

    Smells amazing. Works well & last a while. Although I only use once a week.

  47. Mina Garrett

    Love this scrub so much! I’ve ordered it twice now! My skin is definitely tightening up well since starting to use this. I’ve done Cross Fit for 3 months prior and saw faster results with using this along with working out! Super excited about it and will probably subscribe and save!

  48. Tony Berry

    Smells lovely and leaves my skin soft and supple

  49. Oscar Conner

    Great smelling exfoliating sugar scrub! Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smelling so good! Worth it!

  50. Ruby Love

    Very manageable and noticed softer skin after the firs time!

  51. Tony Weaver

    Luxurious! My skin feels wonderful after I use this!

  52. Christine Fuller

    My wife loves this stuff.

  53. Maurice Nguyen

    Love this scrub! It smells so good and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Will buy again!

  54. Mae Rodriquez

    I use this as a facial scrub and it works fantastic for opening your pores. Leaves your skin soft but not oily. Very lovely scent.

  55. Roy Carlson

    LOVE this sugar scrub…. leaves skin feeling SO soft after use!

  56. Adam Jennings

    Most awesome scrub! Not too oily, but nice & moisturizing. Smells AMAZING!

  57. Sam Moody

    Loved it works great and the smell was so good omg!

  58. Bessie Holmes

    A cut WAY above so many other scrubs out there. Highly recommend!

  59. Laura Owens

    Love everything about this product. I use it to exfoliate my face, lips, and legs after shaving. A must-have for me!

  60. Tommy Manning

    I love the moisture and the scent. The sugar scrub is amazing. I am so happy I bought it.

  61. Victoria Wood

    I love this scrub.. it’s smells so good and makes sling soft and smooth

  62. Nathaniel Howard

    Smells great n makes my skin very soft

  63. Cameron Wallace

    works great. using it mostly for a foot scrub, but I used it all over and it works great. not drying. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and have not had any issues.

  64. Gilbert Summers

    I love the sent. It’s a bit harsh so take time when using it BUT love the sent and the way my underarm feels after I use it Love!!

  65. Ora Harmon

    Wife loves how she feels, I love how she feels & smells, and the price is so good, especially considering we used to buy a lot of other more expensive products for lesser results.

  66. Irene Cole

    She has explosive acne so this good for gentle skin, and it’s returning her self confidence.

  67. Jerry Bishop

    This stuff smells wonderful and has a great Product.

  68. Rosie Vaughn

    This smells so good!!! Works well, too. I will buy again!

  69. Cynthia Fletcher

    Love this product. The smell is Amazing. I use it twice a week and it leaves my skin so soft. I would recommend this product to anyone with any skin type

  70. Nicholas Morgan

    The smell is light and sweet. I often use it with exfoliating gloves and it removes dead skin cells and reveals brighter glowing skin.

  71. Francis Johnston

    I love this ghee sugar scrub. I used it on my legs and arms. It made them so soft!

  72. Mark Kim

    Cheap smells great and works great!

  73. Jon Weaver

    This scrub smells great, has a pleasant sand-like feel, and makes my skin really soft and smooth.

  74. Eleanor Caldwell

    It smells amazing! Feels good on your skin. If you have sensitive skin don’t use to much of it or as often but it’s great product!

  75. Martin Delgado

    Absolutely my favorite product ever

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