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Ingredients and Manufacturing:

  • Organic Ghee (from grass-fed cows) that’s washed 100 times, Saffron Essential Oil, and Turmeric Essential Oil (0 Chemicals, 0 Preservatives, 0 Colors, 0 Dyes)
  • We are 100% Made in USA
  • Made with Highest Quality Organic Ingredients sourced from USA
  • Gluten Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Hormonal Balance Friendly
  • Safe to use during Pregnancy and Nursing

How to Use:

  • Take a tiny bit and massage it well into your belly twice a day.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Please refrigerate as this product is completely free from preservatives and emulsifiers.
  • Use a clean spoon/clean fingers to scoop out the product.


  • 100 times washed ghee is clarified butter in its purest, optimal and most bio-available form, where it easily penetrates deep into the skin delivering essential vitamins, fat and protein to heal and strengthen the skin. Ghee has the power to deliver nutrients deep into the tissues.
  • Turmeric Essential Oil lightens the appearance of scars and stretch marks, fights infections, and increases blood flow in the tissues, thereby healing it deeply. It makes your skin more permeable to absorb the healthy nutrients in the Ghee. Thanks to the concentrated antioxidants in the Turmeric oil, the skin’s elasticity is increased, thereby reducing the occurrence of stretch marks.
  • Rose oil has the highest frequency of any essential oil at about 320 MHz and helps raise our vibration for better mental and physical health.
  • With regular use you can prevent stretch marks and lighten existing stretch marks.
  • Skin becomes firmer, well hydrated, superbly nourished, even toned and supple.
  • A truly chemical free and clean product. No other product in the market comes close to this in regenerative powers without introducing harsh chemicals, parabens, and carcinogens into the body.
  • 100% safe to use during pregnancy.
  • Taking care of the baby bump is the first step to taking care of your baby. Our simple, organic, clean ingredients have been used since centuries for softening the skin, preventing and healing stretch marks, fading existing stretch marks, and fighting any infection.
  • Great for anyone with auto-immune disorders as this does not trigger hormone imbalance.
  • Safe to use during medical treatments.
  • Excellent for Spa massage.
  • This is the most healthy belly cream.
Weight 3 oz

75 reviews for BELLYGHEE

  1. Daniel Jennings

    I absolutely love this! I would recommend to friends and family.

  2. Ola Lynch

    This product is amazing. As soon as you put it on you feel the heat. I lost 2 in 3 weeks.

  3. Lizzie Horton

    This cream is absolutely amazing! Will buy again! Love it!!!!!

  4. Amy Mullins

    Love how this cream smells and you can actually feel the burn! Been using for two weeks and my pants are already feeling loose. Will continue to monitor my results

  5. Dustin Green

    Hands down this stuff works excellent!! I use it once a day every morning rub it in and put my waist trainer on and go for my 2-3 mile run. I have seen results in definitely with in the 3 weeks I use it. I will continue to use this stuff and highly recommend it.

  6. Philip Lucas

    My wife really like this cream. Will be ordering more for her.

  7. Joshua Flowers

    The warming action is very relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

  8. Herbert Perkins

    I like everything about the cream. I can see the effect after couple of weeks

  9. Sadie Bell

    I love this product! It works so good I put it on at night after a shower wrap some wrap around me it heats up and in the morning I look amazing!!

  10. Josephine Craig

    I’ve only used this product three times but so far so good. I’m getting the “burning sensation” after applied and it looks like the cellulite on the back of my legs is diminishing.

  11. Katharine Tran

    Good product, no changes so far but it’s hot and feels burning

  12. Max Caldwell

    No odor, easy to use at home.

  13. Peter Pittman

    Best thing ever it really works

  14. Joel Massey

    Starts to work fast, can see results with running in a few weeks!

  15. Francis Wilson

    I have just started using this, along with wrapping my stomach in saran wrap, and i love it. i can feel it warming.

  16. Clyde Barton

    I’ve seen great results since I got it ! Thank you

  17. Alta Ballard

    This is a great product. it takes a little bit of time but you will see the difference and it works.

  18. Ora Richards

    I can’t really say much. I first applied it today. When I put it on and wrapped it, I can really feel the heat from it. In the end, I have a good feeling about this product.

  19. Matilda Osborne

    Worked really well. Recommending to all my friends.

  20. Cornelia Clarke

    Love this product! Super happy with my results!

  21. Emma Schneider

    I love this product and it does exactly what I wanted… I totally recommend it

  22. Helena Rivera

    I wanted to get rid of belly fat and it seems to be helping. I apply it before wearing my slimming belt. You’ll sweat a lot during your workout. Give it a try!

  23. Gerald Glover

    This product works as directed and is a great value for the price.

  24. Ophelia Harper

    Very good product recommended 200%

  25. Rosie Mccormick

    Overall, it’s a great product!! Get your slim on with it.

  26. Mabel Hall

    Just started. Using but really like it. Helps and feels great.

  27. Carl Dawson

    The cream is excellent. It makes me sweat more than I used too. Great product.

  28. Lela Newton

    When I first put it on I felt the burn, I would put it twice a day after I took a shower. It flatten my stomach a little but I know if I continued using it I would see a huge difference

  29. Lura Sanders

    The cream is excellent. I put it on with my waist trimmer belt and it makes me sweat more than I used too. Great product.

  30. Josie Mccoy

    I can feel it working so far so good!! I will try more products until I get the results I want

  31. Antonio Rose

    I have been using this cream for almost 2 weeks and have noticed a change in my waist size of almost 1 inch. I absolutely recommend this slimming cream.

  32. Frederick Perkins

    Really heats up and makes you sweat! I have noticed a difference since using it on my waist and on my stretch marks! Great product!!!

  33. Etta Weber

    This products has helped my stomach in terms of elasticity with working out and using in conjunction with a waist wrap already feel the difference after 1 week and downs 2”

  34. Cynthia Herrera

    This stuff is great, I use it every time I go work out and it makes me sweat a lot. Def recommend.

  35. Jeremy Simpson

    I’ve only been using it a week. I do feel like my skin is starting to firm up some. Can’t wait to see how it’s working after 2-3 months

  36. Roy Gross

    Easy to use and works well

  37. Carolyn Matthews

    Heats up fast and I notice a difference after only a week

  38. Louise Moran

    Really works it burns that’s how you could tell it works and my belly fat going down I recommend it,

  39. Erik Guerrero

    It’s been week since using the cream and I am starting to see results already. I love it!!

  40. Wayne White

    You can feel the heat melting the fat. Worked for me!

  41. Darrell Wood

    Great product, works amazingly! Wonderful scent too!

  42. Clarence Hamilton

    Love it, makes my stomach warm but not overly hot. I have had issues with creams giving me a weird nauseous feeling before but this one has not. It also doesn’t have a smell that is super strong which is great!

  43. Bill Wise

    The belly cream is really working!!

  44. Calvin Perez

    I used the product for my stomach area. It’s works!!!!

  45. Hunter Dawson

    This product has been great. I have only used it a couple days so no major changes, but it heats up and definitely feels like it is doing something.

  46. Daisy Wallace

    I love it going to order more. But definitely helps

  47. Peter Campbell

    I enjoy this product. I use it during my afternoon workout.

  48. Mildred Freeman

    This stuff is great, I recommend this product.

  49. Winifred Ingram

    Smells good and is easy to use. I would buy again.

  50. Marie Hamilton

    I have been using once a day, but based on other reviews I’d like to star using it twice a day. It is incredibly moisturizing and my skin looks so much smoother. Love this product!

  51. Amy Ramirez

    Love this product and sure does help burn the sweat!!!

  52. Rose Martin

    Great product. Noticeable changes after 1 week.

  53. Kenneth Carter

    My wife bought this to tighten up her tummy after two children. So far it is working great.

  54. Amelia Horton

    I love this product. Used my first bottle and love the feeling

  55. Lena Fisher

    Feels hot and seems to be working!!! I’m excited to see some results.

  56. Alberta Simpson

    Helps the appearance of that post pregnancy belly. My skin noticeably not as loose anymore.

  57. Louise Reyes

    She thinks her skin is tighter already. Definitely try this and see if it works for you.

  58. Jessie Greene

    Great product, you can actually feel the burn.

  59. Marie Holt

    This product is amazing. I swear by it. I felt my stomach get firmer and tighter while slimming down. Highly recommend.

  60. Maud Gibbs

    Great product, love how it feels on my skin

  61. Connor Stokes

    Nice! So far noticing a difference in the appearance of my skin. One month of using product.

  62. Mason Morgan

    I definitely saw results in a few days to maybe a week. I definitely would purchase again. Thanks

  63. Emily Santiago

    I like how the product firms your skin. I’ve been trying to firm my skin after giving birth. It has helped within a week.

  64. Jonathan Burton

    Really love it, definitely feel the difference when I workout!

  65. Clyde Cannon

    I’ve been using it with my sweat belt and the results are amazing. It instantly heats up and sweat glands are activated. I will purchase again.

  66. Lizzie Lowe

    Amazing product. It works wonders. Definitely should give it a try

  67. Cody Sharp

    I love feeling the heat! Makes me feel it’s really working!

  68. Myrtie Weaver

    I used this product on my stomach and put my waist trimmer on. I noticed a difference right away. I will surely buy this product again.

  69. Connor Summers

    Very soft scented cream. Product does tighten up the skin as noted. Would reorder again.

  70. Jeffrey Bailey

    My sister says, she loves it and will want to order more again in the future.

  71. Roger Hamilton

    Love the way this feels! It’s hot! And does feel like it tightens!

  72. Bessie Santos

    I tried a lot of stuff. But this one is the best

  73. Louisa Robbins

    I have really sensitive skin and it hasn’t bothered me at all. The smell is kind of strong, but it definitely works.

  74. Maude Mcguire

    This cream actually works. It makes you sweat in the area you apply it to. Would definitely buy again!

  75. Lillie Wells

    I love this stuff. I have been using it while working out with a body wrap and so far I think it’s working.

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