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Our Fresh Ingredients: Organic Ghee, Organic Chamomile, Saffron.

How to Use: Warm the oil and gently massage onto baby’s body. Leave for twenty to thirty minutes. Bathe as usual.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Preferably refrigerate; warm-up 2 teaspoons of product before using.


  • Ghee nourishes baby’s skin and makes its super soft and radiant skin.
  • Chamomile calms the baby.
  • Saffron brightens baby skin and acts as antiseptic.
  • It has no added chemicals and is completely safe and natural.
Weight 6 oz

75 reviews for BABY BODY MASSAGE OIL

  1. Andre Ramsey

    It’s works for baby acne! Took 3-4 days and it helped clear up my 1 month old baby’s face. Smells nice as well.

  2. Cora Wilkerson

    One of the best cream I have ever tried for my baby for allergy or rash it soothes the skin and clear it.

  3. Warren Colon

    Got rid of baby’s eczema in two weeks and hasn’t come back.

  4. Delia Mullins

    This is everyday moisturizer for our baby and it is very gentle to the skin.

  5. Nathaniel Burke

    We slather this on the baby boy after bath time and it helps keep his skin silky smooth and eczema free.

  6. Isaiah Harvey

    The product really works clear my daughter face up in days !!!!! Just wipe her face clean then apply every time

  7. Eunice Morales

    Works perfectly for my baby girls face! It was so dry. I personally don’t enjoy the smell of it but it could just me!

  8. Cora Alvarado

    I purchased this product after reading online that it was a great product for baby acne. My 1 month old broke out badly on his face and head and he was so swollen, and it looked terrible. 48 hours later and the blemishes have shrunk significantly, are no longer red and angry and are barely visible. This product is amazing! It has a strange hereby smell but no worries. If you are struggling with baby acne and do not want to “wait it out” I recommend this product!!!! Instant results!!!

  9. Chester Porter

    It is moisturizing and I love the smell!

  10. Earl Allison

    My boy just turn 4 month. Since He was 2 month. He has serious issues with eczema. This product make it better . It is useful for eczema. Great.

  11. Callie Summers

    I Love this product. gets absorbed quickly into my baby’s skin. Is very natural and smells great. in few cases it has helped get rid of with mild rash caused due to dryness on my bay’s skin. I have been buying this since my baby was born. I love it LOVE IT LOVE IT.

  12. Brian Henderson

    My 7 month old granddaughter has eczema and we used this Cream and her skin looks fabulous!

  13. Martin Schultz

    Works great on flaking dry skin and eczema flare ups. I put this on my baby right after his bath. Great smell!!!

  14. Ray Campbell

    Love this product ! If you have sensitive skin and hyper allergic use this product. It works wonders. Better than any other over the counter lotion out there

  15. Mamie Colon

    My baby is much happier after using this cream. It is expensive but takes care of red spots in the skin. And the boy is less irritated

  16. Joshua Nelson

    My baby was having a lot of skin issues. We even did allergy testing with everything coming back normal. Started using this and his skin cleared up right away and is staying moisturized in the dry winter air. Highly recommend this product.

  17. Cornelia Haynes

    Used for my 4 month old with mild eczema and it cleared right up within a few days.

  18. Gerald Richardson

    Good baby product! I can use it as well

  19. Emily Goodman

    My son had baby acne or eczema issue when he was about 2-4 weeks old. This cream helped the appearance of his skin issues and now it helps him with anything red that I see on his skin. He has sensitive skin, so anytime I see that he scratched himself or reddish skin from the front of the diaper, I use this magic cream and it heals him in no time. I also loved the smell of this natural cream.

  20. Zachary Lyons

    I purchased this for my new born who had some baby acne. This clears is up so quickly! In about 4 hours the redness fades and in 12 hours it is almost gone. It is literally a miracle product. I use it on myself now too. It is great!!!

  21. Dominic Patton

    The product is very moisturizing. It has been bought for the second time. I like it very much. It absorbs well and will continue to buy if necessary.

  22. Winnie Park

    This is some kind of magic in a container! Results in less than a week! I’m considering using this on my own face. I use it on my baby girl twice a day.

  23. Carlos Chandler

    Great product great service

  24. Jacob Gill

    I never write reviews but this product is worth it! I purchased this to help my 5 week old new born baby acne, red, inflamed and very rough sandpaper like skin. Even after 1 day I noticed an improvement. Within 3 days using 2 times a day and washing gently with just warm water his skin is now completely clear and soft again. I was apprehensive about the price initially but a very little goes a long way so its worth it. The smell is nice too. Would highly recommend this cream!

  25. Katie Casey

    Love this!! It has cleared up cradle cap for both my daughters!. Leave it and apply more as needed between washes. It cleared up before I had to purchase another bottle.

  26. Elmer Fisher

    Cured my baby’s acne in two days!

  27. Susie Andrews

    This is amazing!! My baby had acne and within one day of putting it on morning and night the redness was already going away!! Completely cleared up within about 4-5 days

  28. Sally Jacobs

    Miracle cream. Cures baby acne, eczema, dry, itchy skin, and (bonus!) makes you look like a GENIUS MOM when you recommend it to your friends for their babies’ otherwise persistent skin troubles. Smear it on any red bumps in sight, sit back, and bask in the glory…

  29. Marion Graham

    A little expensive but cleared my new-born acne

  30. Billy Long

    The absolute best cream- every mom should get this! My new born son had horrible baby acne on his face and I tried everything, nothing worked. The first time I put this on my sons face before bedtime and when he woke up his face was very noticeably clearer. By the third application his acne was completely gone! I couldn’t believe how well this worked!

  31. Lawrence Campbell

    Best baby Cream I’ve ever used. I use it on my own face as well

  32. Micheal Ryan

    So my son’s face was plagued with baby acne. It got really bad, Now it started to clear up. Definitely a great product to have!

  33. Helena Curtis

    I know that baby acne will fade away on its own but for parents who are bothered, try this cream. It made my baby’s skin back to normal smooth and clear after a week. I’m also using it on my face as a moisturizer.

  34. Kevin Henry

    Works great with keeping baby’s skin smooth & from getting dried crack skin too. And like that it does have a nice smell to it too.

  35. Lloyd Neal

    My 2 month old baby had baby acne and was getting worse! I used twice a day(morning and afternoon), I’m 3 days my baby’s face had completely cleared up! DEFINITELY recommend this cream !!!!! I now just use it as a daily face cream for my baby!

  36. Tommy Stevens

    This is perfect for new born skin. I use it everyday and it has been great at reducing baby acne. Very soothing on my babies skin.

  37. Allen Ortega

    I love this moisturizer! It is on the thicker side and my skin feels so hydrated after I apply it.

  38. Christina Sims

    Nice and thick. I bought for my baby skin, and tried it on myself and it work for me as well

  39. Aaron Kelly

    I used this for 2nd born & loved it so much I had to get it for my 3rd.

  40. Ruth Porter

    Amazing scent, easy application, and leaves skin silky smooth! We will buy it again in the future.

  41. Ina Berry

    This stuff is miracle cream! I am so glad! It takes away my babies new born acne right away! I highly recommend this for any skin issue!

  42. Jay Cross

    My 3 year old daughter’ s had eczema behind her ears…After one single application, the eczema is almost all gone! Works great on redness and rashes too. I am buying it again!

  43. Nellie Jensen

    This is the best cream you can find to cure diaper rush. You can also use it on yourself and it is burning like crazy for a few minutes, but it heals quick.

  44. Alta Lamb

    I put it on her every morning or ever other morning because sometimes her face still feels soft and hydrated from the application the day before. I HIGHLY recommend this! It will last you for so long too. Love this product.

  45. Roger Lopez

    Love the creaminess and that there’s no smell. And it’s hypoallergenic. I just use a little bit with great results each day.

  46. Kate Jefferson

    It helps to moisturize the dry skin. after 2 days of use, my kid dry skin started recovering.

  47. Seth Lewis

    The best baby moisture cream I have ever used!!

  48. Louise Pierce

    My baby ‘s acne got much better after using it

  49. Harriet Ford

    This product is amazing clear up my baby acne with in days.

  50. Martin Rivera

    I love this cream for my face. It’s smooth and silky and doesn’t make me break out or have skin reactions.

  51. Lulu Ward

    Very good cream for baby. Nice smell. I used it for my baby’s sensitive leg skin and his face. While teething and drilling a lot, his face skin is very dry and tough sometimes. This product helps smooth his skin in a day or two.

  52. Elva Jefferson

    Doesn’t moisturize but it definitely helped get rid of my baby’s bumps she had every where . Worked in about 4 days

  53. Manuel Gibbs

    Love this stuff it help my Lo with the baby acne and was clean in just 2 days!

  54. Harvey Lewis

    Great moisturizing cream for sensitive skin/Eczema prone skin.

  55. Hunter Williamson

    It really works for baby acne. once the little red spot come out, just apply a small amount on it, then it go away in the next day. Love it

  56. Jeanette Morton

    A little bit goes a long way so don’t be turned off by the price! My daughter had baby acne and so much dryness as a new born so we decided to give this a try. It works wonders! Highly recommend for new born dry skin!

  57. Aiden Banks

    This stuff cleared up my babies acne in two days! I can’t believe it. I just washed her face with a warm cloth and applied before bed and magic. I wonder if it will work for my horrible skin…

  58. Cora Sims

    This stuff is AMAZING for baby acne!!!! I had tried other organic balms and everything else made it worse. This stuff was a miracle!

  59. Ethan Arnold

    Due to my children having severe dry skin, this item works very well for both of them.

  60. Luis Klein

    Love this stuff it has solved all of my babies dry skin and eczema problem s she gets lathered up after every bath and now that it’s winter every other day. This is the best also no scent so its safe for sensitive skin which I appreciate. I will be purchasing again.

  61. Teresa Tran

    Such a great product! I originally bought it for my new baby but ended up using on my face as well since I have very sensitive skin. It’s been perfect, not greasy but very moisturizing and my face doesn’t get as red or irritated as usual.

  62. Alma Warner

    Fantastic cream! Great service. I will order again!

  63. Nathan Carlson

    I love this product! My son has extremely sensitive skin and this is by far the best product I use on him! I even use it as hand cream for myself!

  64. Essie Payne

    Quick-absorbing and very effective!

  65. Sue Chapman

    Great cream for baby with eczema.

  66. Daniel Colon

    Excellent option for baby’s and kids with skin allergy

  67. Flora Aguilar

    Worked fantastic on my 3 month old face when she had a lot of eczema and irritation. Smells great!!!

  68. Ora Hardy

    I use this for my daughter’s eczema. It is great for moisturizing the skin and the texture is light at same time.

  69. Rosalie Reid

    One of the best cream I have ever tried for my baby for allergy or rash it soothes the skin and clear it.

  70. Maude Carlson

    I love it! I use this for my baby’s face and it’s amazing. She has dry skin and heat rash but her face is clear and moisturize when I use this (which is daily) it’s not oily/greasy at all and a little is only needed for full coverage.

  71. Edward Watts

    This cream is great for baby acne. Cleared my baby face within 3 days

  72. Martin Garcia

    We only applied this cream for 3 days and my baby’s acnes are all gone!

  73. Kyle Morris

    I used it and it was good.

  74. Madge Becker

    Miracle cream!!!!!!

  75. Brett Richardson

    It’s for my daughter. It smells good. It’s moist

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