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6 oz
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Our Fresh Ingredients: Organic Ghee, Organic Chamomile, Saffron.

How to Use: Warm the oil and gently massage onto baby’s body. Leave for twenty to thirty minutes. Bathe as usual.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Preferably refrigerate; warm-up 2 teaspoons of product before using.


  • Ghee nourishes baby’s skin and makes its super soft and radiant skin.
  • Chamomile calms the baby.
  • Saffron brightens baby skin and acts as antiseptic.
  • It has no added chemicals and is completely safe and natural.
Weight6 oz

18 reviews for BABY BODY MASSAGE OIL

  1. Andre Ramsey

    It’s works for baby acne! Took 3-4 days and it helped clear up my 1 month old baby’s face. Smells nice as well.

  2. Isaiah Harvey

    The product really works clear my daughter face up in days !!!!! Just wipe her face clean then apply every time

  3. Mamie Colon

    My baby is much happier after using this cream. It is expensive but takes care of red spots in the skin. And the boy is less irritated

  4. Emily Goodman

    My son had baby acne or eczema issue when he was about 2-4 weeks old. This cream helped the appearance of his skin issues and now it helps him with anything red that I see on his skin. He has sensitive skin, so anytime I see that he scratched himself or reddish skin from the front of the diaper, I use this magic cream and it heals him in no time. I also loved the smell of this natural cream.

  5. Dominic Patton

    The product is very moisturizing. It has been bought for the second time. I like it very much. It absorbs well and will continue to buy if necessary.

  6. Carlos Chandler

    Great product great service

  7. Jacob Gill

    I never write reviews but this product is worth it! I purchased this to help my 5 week old new born baby acne, red, inflamed and very rough sandpaper like skin. Even after 1 day I noticed an improvement. Within 3 days using 2 times a day and washing gently with just warm water his skin is now completely clear and soft again. I was apprehensive about the price initially but a very little goes a long way so its worth it. The smell is nice too. Would highly recommend this cream!

  8. Marion Graham

    A little expensive but cleared my new-born acne

  9. Helena Curtis

    I know that baby acne will fade away on its own but for parents who are bothered, try this cream. It made my baby’s skin back to normal smooth and clear after a week. I’m also using it on my face as a moisturizer.

  10. Kevin Henry

    Works great with keeping baby’s skin smooth & from getting dried crack skin too. And like that it does have a nice smell to it too.

  11. Lloyd Neal

    My 2 month old baby had baby acne and was getting worse! I used twice a day(morning and afternoon), I’m 3 days my baby’s face had completely cleared up! DEFINITELY recommend this cream !!!!! I now just use it as a daily face cream for my baby!

  12. Tommy Stevens

    This is perfect for new born skin. I use it everyday and it has been great at reducing baby acne. Very soothing on my babies skin.

  13. Christina Sims

    Nice and thick. I bought for my baby skin, and tried it on myself and it work for me as well

  14. Aaron Kelly

    I used this for 2nd born & loved it so much I had to get it for my 3rd.

  15. Nellie Jensen

    This is the best cream you can find to cure diaper rush. You can also use it on yourself and it is burning like crazy for a few minutes, but it heals quick.

  16. Harriet Ford

    This product is amazing clear up my baby acne with in days.

  17. Manuel Gibbs

    Love this stuff it help my Lo with the baby acne and was clean in just 2 days!

  18. Jeanette Morton

    A little bit goes a long way so don’t be turned off by the price! My daughter had baby acne and so much dryness as a new born so we decided to give this a try. It works wonders! Highly recommend for new born dry skin!

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