100X WASHED GHEE ELIXIR – Sandalwood

(75 customer reviews)


Organic and Natural Anti-Wrinkle, Eczema, Psoriasis, Stretch Mark, and Pigmentation Cream
6 oz
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Ingredients and Manufacturing:

  • Organic Ghee (from grass-fed cows) that’s washed 100 times, Rose Water, and Sandalwood Essential Oil (0 Chemicals, 0 Preservatives, 0 Colors, 0 Dyes)
  • We are 100% Made in USA
  • Made with Highest Quality Organic Ingredients sourced from USA
  • Gluten Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Hormonal Balance Friendly

How to Use: Take a tiny bit and massage it well into your skin.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Please refrigerate as this product is completely free from preservatives and emulsifiers.
  • Use a clean spoon/clean fingers to scoop out the product.


  • 100 times washed ghee is clarified butter in its purest, optimal and most bio-available form, where it easily penetrates deep into the skin delivering essential vitamins, fat and protein to heal and strengthen the skin. Ghee has the power to deliver nutrients deep into the tissues.
  • Sandalwood oil is a natural astringent that triggers the skin to repair itself from any minor contractions that are caused by shaving, acne scars or other skin irritations. It helps bring back skin’s lost vitality and reverses the effects of poor treatment. It tightens large pores and controls excess sebum secretion will providing intense moisturization.
  • Sandalwood essential oil has a very high frequency which helps raise our vibration for better mental and physical health. It uplifts the mood and instills positivity.
  • With regular use, you will restore and maintain your youthful glory. Skin becomes firmer, well hydrated, superbly nourished, even toned and supple. Scars fade way. Wrinkles soften and disappear. This imparts a natural glow and silk-like texture to the skin.
  • Rose water soothes and cools the skin, and it’s light all-natural fragrance uplifts the senses.
  • This jar of precious cream is truly an elixir, the answer to totally reversing aging and healing of all skin conditions.
  • A truly chemical free and clean product. No other product in the market comes close to this in regenerative powers without introducing harsh chemicals, parabens, and carcinogens into the body.
  • Great for anyone with auto-immune disorders as this does not trigger hormone imbalance.
  • Safe to use during medical treatments.
  • Excellent for Spa massage.
  • A favorite with men.

How to Use Washed Ghee For Face – Know What You Need to Do to Get These Benefits


Washed ghee for face is not as difficult as you might have imagined. You need to add essential oils to your ghee in order to get its wonderful benefits for the skin.

It is one of the world’s most famous condiments. Known to have healing properties, and antibacterial qualities, many people take it to aid in fighting against various types of acne problems. Well, this is one of the key ingredients that contributes to wash ghee for face to be effective.

It has such a fantastic number of health benefits, which make it the perfect moisturizer for the skin. Wash ghee for face is made up of vegetable oil, sea vegetable oil, and a special kind of lecithin which are found in the fruit of the Arabian palm tree. They are known to have natural healing properties. Use them to get the great benefits for the skin.

As much as possible, you need to use oil with water. Otherwise, you will not benefit from the benefits for skin that your washing ghee for face has to offer.

Ghee is a good cleaning agent. But since it is not a naturally occurring substance, it is not present in the food you eat. If you have to use washed ghee, try to remove the excess from the area you are using it on.

The next ingredient is the sandalwood essential oil. This is a tree from India. It is well known for its antibacterial properties. Using it can help you get the good effects for skin.

To get the best out of your washed ghee for face, I would advise you to include the sandalwood essential oil with it. But before you do, check that it is not a hydrocarbon as it has been reported to be a skin irritant.

After the oil is combined with water, you need to add the essence of lemon, which is known to have healing properties. Use it in the form of a paste.

It has natural healing properties that can benefit you in your process of washing ghee for face. After the paste is applied, let it dry completely before applying any cream or lotion.

Be careful not to rub this paste onto your body. You may end up with a rash. Before putting on any lotion, washed ghee for face first to get rid of any irritation.

For someone who has a sensitive skin, it would be best to find a good moisturizer which contains only plant oils and washed ghee, as these are the ones which do not contain essential oils and therefore can be used safely. You can also see your doctor about this matter, and he will advise you accordingly.

Weight 6 oz

75 reviews for 100X WASHED GHEE ELIXIR – Sandalwood

  1. Tommy Wade

    I’m so happy and surprised by this cream!! I see a huge difference in my skin after using it for just one day!!

  2. Estelle Williamson

    I love this cream! Leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy. I wish it smelled a little nicer but overall good product!!

  3. Blake Jones

    Amazing product! Goes on smoothly and helps with dry skin. Highly recommend!

  4. Bertha Nichols

    I have dry skin and this product is great for it. It is great for the cold weather. It smells great and it give me the moisture that I needed for my dry hands. It’s not greasy at all. I put this on every single time I washes my hands at work and I also use this on my face.

  5. Caleb Higgins

    My sister got this for her son’s dry cracking hands, and it did wonders, so I got some for my daughters who has eczema and she said it really helps her condition.

  6. Rhoda Hunt

    My hands have majorly improved with the use of this cream. I would get very sore open places on my hands and this cream has definitely reduced the issue. I will be ordering more when needed. I highly recommend this hand cream if you have problems with your hands.

  7. Julian Williamson

    Excellent product!!!! My skin feels hydrated and soft!!! Absolutely amazing. I use it every night before bed.

  8. Sadie Webster

    This works really well and helps my daughter from itching a lot. It moisturizing and smell good.

  9. Louise Morgan

    This product was purchased to treat eczema. We try to avoid harsh steroid creams, so this seemed like an appealing alternative. It did the trick. A little bit goes a long way. The cream absorbed quickly, and has no real scent. Took a day or two, and relieved inflamed, dry skin. I would highly recommend this product.

  10. Georgie Cole

    I used this on my skin after a shower and seems to help the skin a lot and also heal the skin from when I get hives outbreaks.

  11. Jerome Park

    It has a great smell and feel. Seems to not irritate my skin which is prone to psoriasis and eczema. I love everything about it

  12. Elsie Massey

    This product it does not feel greasy or smell like a lot of other moisturizers and it keeps my skin hydrated. love it!!

  13. Stephen Schneider

    I like the way this cream is dispensed. You just push down and it oozes out from the middle and sits there for you to use. The smell is very refreshing and the cream feels moisturizing without being heavy or greasy.

  14. Jessie Meyer

    I was desperate fur retired from the resurgence of eczema that I have had since I was 14 years old. This stuff gave me the relief with the first use. It’s only been a few days, so we’ll see how it goes in the long run

  15. Lois Harris

    Very rich and moisturizing – makes my itchy skin due to Eczema feel so much better. And the smell is heavenly! I am glad I bought it and will buy it again.

  16. Lois Shelton

    Best skin care line! Changed my skin for the better!

  17. Rosetta Nash

    This product works really good on my lips and hands. I have used several different Chopstick and none of them worked for me. This product works great and I also have tried several hand creams but this one works great for me

  18. Gertrude Evans

    Have to wait to see how it really works with time, but it is very soft and I can feel it on my face for hours after, in a good way!

  19. Isabelle Harmon

    I will continue using this until I’m certain my neck is fully healed but I am SO thankful to have found this. It is very thick with a bit of a greasy quality, but I don’t care, it works!

  20. Shane Castillo

    My Daughter likes this product and it’s been helping her a lot! Thank you so much!

  21. Marion Leonard

    I bought this for my daughter-in-law as a gift. I love it. My face feels tighter in the morning, with a slight reddish tint that fades right away. I feel it’s giving me enough ‘skin irritation’ in the night that generates healing and prompting tighter skin. I’ll see how it goes after another month. So far I’m happy!

  22. Vera Daniel

    I have very sensitive skin and this is an amazing product that doesn’t make me break out!! Love love!!!

  23. Della Cooper

    This cream is awesome for my daughter’s eczema! No sting or burning when is applied on her skin. And she likes the smell as well.

  24. Lottie Mcbride

    Bought this for my daughter who suffers from eczema She said this cream works great.

  25. Sally Fleming

    Great product 100% recommended

  26. Chad Fleming

    I have used this for a while, and I will continue to use it. Love the results.

  27. Etta Rodgers

    Love this moisturizer and the pump container it comes in! Very convenient!

  28. Caleb Bishop

    I absolutely love this product. And I’m an alligator with sensitive skin.

  29. Lee Ortiz

    My son suffers from eczema. Aside from prescription treatments, we try to find things easier on his skin but that help heal. I first got this for him in December and he has said it is really helping the redness and flaking.

  30. Lydia Carter

    Great for winters and great for sensitive skin types. I love it and will keep using it.

  31. Vernon Lambert

    Eczema is a bothersome thing in our house with 2 kids. They have a good amount of eczema. This product gives us a great Creams for their breakouts and last long.

  32. Douglas Hardy

    Omg…this cream is like no other that I have tried. I have dry skin and this cream makes my face silky smooth!!

  33. Trevor Mendoza

    It feels great on my skin and it stop the itching

  34. Jeffery Sandoval

    Really good for people with dry and sensitive skin.

  35. Edgar French

    Love the way it feels, not heavy or grease

  36. Isabel Gordon

    I love the way it smells and the creaminess of it. The Sakaraessentials Organics moisturizer goes on so smooth and doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my face or hands. The applicator on the container is the perfect. I can have sensitivity to some creams, but not with this product. I will be using this product from now on.

  37. Derrick Tran

    I actually bought for my hands, but it is so light, soft and creamy I decided to use it for my face and I love it! Needed something thicker and heavier for my hands.

  38. Harriett Park

    The smell is not too strong but pleasant. It helped a ton with my kids’ dry skin!! definitely recommend 100%

  39. Marian Owens

    Great product … noticed a difference in just a few days

  40. Jeremy Long

    My skin is super sensitive, the only scent is natural I believe, from cocoa butter. It is a truly wonderful cream.

  41. Mitchell Gardner

    This is unscented, I am sensitive to smell so that was pretty important. Have been using this in dry eczema skin and seems to be doing the trick. Is important to remember to use often as it takes a few days to see results.

  42. Millie Rose

    This moisturizer is amazing! It’s got a wonderfully light citrus scent, absorbs easily without any greasy feeling, and my skin feels soft and smooth after using. The dispenser provides just the right amount of product for the whole face with just one pump. It also allows for easy one handed dispensing leaving your other hand free to hold a mirror, adjust lighting, whatever you would need a free hand for. The packaging is also attractive and looks good on your vanity. I love the Cream.

  43. Mayme Blake

    This product is amazing! Since I have been using my skin has gotten drastically better!

  44. Rodney Flowers

    I love this product!!! It is everything you want in a moisturizer. I also love how awesome the top is to dispense the right amount of moisturizer with out contaminating it. Top of the line product! Will continue to buy.

  45. Wayne Ray

    Using this cream because I have Plague Psoriasis and Eczema

  46. Beulah Anderson

    I’m using this cream one month ago, it’s very hydrating, my skin is so soft after using this. Fragrance is pretty nice, and my skin are brighter than before. Dispenser are great for using correct quantity.

  47. Lawrence Mccoy

    I have had eczema all my life, so have tried many products. I am happiest with this product.

  48. Sarah Lucas

    Leaves dry, chapped hands very soft. All you need is a little dab! Works very well!

  49. Daniel Kelly

    I am starting to use the cream and I can’t tell you if it working but take approximately two week or less.

  50. Ada Castillo

    This cream is perfect for my son’s eczema. He has bad dry rashes and this cream has cleared it up.

  51. Carlos Owens

    I really like this product. I bought one for my husband and for myself. It glides on smoothly and don’t need much to go over the face. It feels clean and I have a lot less breakouts lately. I feel like face is a little brighter as well.

  52. Lucille Wells

    This is the only thing that works. It takes the itchiness away. An area that wouldn’t go away finally went away after using this lotion for awhile. It took a bit, but nothing else worked. The best!

  53. Douglas Roberson

    I have very sensitive skin and was hesitant to try this. I have been using it for a few months and love it. Scented products bother me, this has a very light citrus scent which does not linger. It’s wonderful cream.

  54. Randy Ingram

    I just stared using this product. Thus far I love it. It is measured, easy to apply, and feel great

  55. Victoria Lynch

    Feels good and absorbs super fast . Definitely a good moisturizer that your can notice in the first few hours ! Will update this in a month

  56. Olivia Munoz

    This cream goes on smooth and makes my skin feel supple.

  57. May Rivera

    This stuff works amazing on my daughters Eczema. I will definitely be buying more

  58. Sue Hale

    Gift for my son. Very expensive for such a small container of the product. But he loves it! I’d buy it for him regularly if it was cheaper

  59. Joseph Simon

    Very pleasant smell.

  60. Marian Bass

    This is my third jar. My skin is very dry so after I use this cream I also use a heavy duty moisturizer, It work well for me.

  61. Mathilda Mckinney

    After about a week I noticed fewer wrinkles and a more tightened look to my face and neck area. Even the ugly droopiness under my eyes has improved. I’ve tried many other products with varying results, and this one is the best.

  62. Birdie Pope

    So, I had this on hand, but not for eczema, rather, I had a reaction to a drug with hives. Used this and it calmed the rash immediately and almost gone within a day. It is truly scent free and not oily at all. Really a nice product.

  63. Ricky Bailey

    I love this product even after 5 days I could see a difference !!

  64. Micheal Carpenter

    The cream feels hydrating and is thicker than a lot of other anti aging creams!

  65. Steve Becker

    My eczema on my hand hasn’t looked or felt this good in a LONG time! Reduces redness and inflammation. So glad I purchased this!

  66. Charles Pope

    My face feels and looks better. Not a world of difference, but there is a noticeable improvement.

  67. Lillie Chavez

    Smells lovely and not greasy.

  68. Christina Carter

    It’s very light and absorbs into the skin nicely. Have noticed a “smoother” and softer appearance in my senior citizen face.

  69. Hallie Davis

    I have not found a better night moisturizer for my skin. It leaves my skin very soft and just makes it look better. Will never be without it!

  70. Timothy Silva

    So far so good, I am loving the sakaraessentials products. The non sticky, non oily and clean softness of my skin is wonderful, the smell is very nice. No noticeable difference yet but It has only been a few days.

  71. Kathryn Mcbride

    Really love this cream. I put it on my hands before bed and wake up with NEW HANDS!!

  72. Bessie Norton

    Great product easy to use.

  73. Norman Wong

    This is really a great product. It goes on nice and felt wonderful. I used it day and night and will be buying more!

  74. Gary Elliott

    Happy with this product; has a great feel on the skin. My skin is very dry, but I think it’s good for all skin types & all ages as well, and I like that it’s not heavily scented. Glad I found this product.

  75. Ethel Armstrong

    This lightweight anti-aging cream is amazing! It’s extremely hydrating and doesn’t cause any peeling or dryness. My skin looks younger and healthier. Definitely recommend!

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