100x Washed Ghee Eczema, Psoriasis and Stretch Mark Cream

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Organic and Natural Eczema, Psoriasis and Stretch Mark Cream
6 oz
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Weight 6 oz
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75 reviews for 100x Washed Ghee Eczema, Psoriasis and Stretch Mark Cream

  1. Katharine Marshall

    Love this product, now I cant use anything else!

  2. Augusta Morales

    Loving this product. It is so light it is actually fluffy and yet still does the job of moisturizing. My eczema is greatly improved. I have found it a much better value than other more expensive products. The slight honey fragrance is really mild and quite pleasant.

  3. Janie Ingram

    I have been using this product for months now. I love the cool moisturizing cream to settle down the itchiness of the eczema under my eyebrow and above my mouth area. I’m very happy to finally find an organic treatment in lieu of pharmaceutical medication. I use it often and especially for flare ups. It works for me.

  4. Clifford Floyd

    My husband loves it. I ordered it for him. I have yet to try it but it smells good. Will buy more in the future.

  5. Mamie Patton

    I’m a college student with eczema that I have had on and off for years. This cream is amazing. It does not irritate my skin and actually helps the inflammation, redness, and itchiness of hot spots to go down. I have been using this cream for about three years and I will never go back to anything else. I typically use some sort of scrubby, which with sensitive skin sounds like an oxymoron but it really helps me to make sure I remove all the sweat that exacerbates my eczema. Seriously if you have eczema you have to try this stuff.

  6. Jesus Hamilton

    Love how this moisturizes! Not greasy.

  7. Vernon Salazar

    Last a long time and helped so much with my eczema inflammation!

  8. Etta Turner

    Absolutely love this for our children! Use for myself some days! Good scent.

  9. Ellen Sharp

    This works well for my eczema, the more you use it the more it works. I used it twice a day to clear up my rashes, I stopped using it for a while and found that my rashes started to come back

  10. Sarah Lyons

    This stuff really works. I’ve been struggling with eczema since childhood. I usually use steroid creams which have little effect. I started using this on a whim and its made such a difference in helping clear my skin especially on my elbows and eyelids. Definitely recommend using.

  11. Hattie Santiago

    Absolutely love this cream!!

  12. Cody Guzman

    My boys have eczema and this lotion really helps. It is very thick, really sticks to the skin, absorbs fairly quickly, especially for how thick it is. It does leave a coating on the skin, but it is meant to moisturize and also provide a protective layer to really trap moisture in. Works great on my chapped hands too.

  13. Millie Bowers

    I have mild eczema on my back and this cream is the only cream that gives me relief without the bad scent, non greasy so there aren’t any marks on my clothes. I love it

  14. William Ramos

    While I can’t tell yet if it is helping my eczema I do love the way this lotion feels and the smell is wonderful!

  15. Mittie Stanley

    You’d spend about the same at Walmart. It works for eczema which is what I bought it for. I’ve been using this product for a few years now. And would definitely suggest it

  16. Ollie Hudson

    My mom was suffering from a chronic eczema. Went to different doctors and could not get symptoms better. I gave her this cream and now she is on her second bottle and her symptoms improve drastically and her skin is much better, no itching and mom is really happy.

  17. Edna Brock

    I already had this cream in my closet from years ago. Started having red, angry, itchy cheeks creep up after going into surgical menopause a few years ago. It’s also winter, cold and dry. My mom had Psoriasis after menopause so I’m thinking that’s probably what this is. No time for dermatologist right now. Put the cream on after being out to dinner and shopping last night in the snow and rain. Woke up this morning and my red angry cheeks looked clearer than I’ve seen them in years. This eczema cream provides moisture that lasts without making me break out. I still feel the moisture. Love this stuff.

  18. Connor Cortez

    Other unscented lotion made the affected skin burn but this stuff is gentle and I have no complaints!

  19. Wesley Green

    This product works really well for the sensitive skin on my face. Few products will work for me, but this one has worked well for a few years now.

  20. Sadie Burke

    I wish I’d found this decades ago! Cleared up my seasonal dry shins in a few days. Rich but not greasy or waxy, no chemical smell.

  21. Alma Gross

    Two of my kids have eczema and this lotion is AMAZING!!! It’s the first one I’ve found that doesn’t burn or make them uncomfortable. Thank you!!!!

  22. Justin Richards

    I love the moisturizing cream, but it would have been nice cream.

  23. Jeff Hughes

    This product is amazing. It was the only thing that helps my severe eczema on my hands and arms. This worked twice as well. I highly recommend it.

  24. Emilie Myers

    love, this product…I use it for my eczema, but I also use it on any part of me that needs extra softness. I’ve ordered it many times…buy this product, you wont regret it…

  25. Theresa Wagner

    Works very well when used regularly. Scent is acceptable even for men. It is my go to moisturizer.

  26. Lucile Hawkins

    This cream is absolutely wonderful, very moisturizing but not greasy. Love it

  27. Bess Andrews

    Great for dry skin. Recommended this to a friend that it has helped greatly.

  28. Clyde Wolfe

    Great product. Would be amazing if the product came in a small squeeze bottle as well.

  29. Olivia Fuller

    This has been helpful with my eczema.

  30. Jayden Lawson

    This is an excellent product! It works perfectly on my two daughters skin. It keeps it smooth and free of dry spots. My oldest has eczema and this is the first product that has worked soon well. I order it every month!

  31. Johanna Diaz

    This cream smells really good. It helped with my sons itching. His arms do not itch as much anymore. He likes it and wants me to keep purchasing.

  32. Austin Hughes

    I’ve struggled with psoriasis for about 2 years now, this is by far the best over the counter solution I’ve found. It’s super moisturizing and it smells amazing.

  33. Cora Wagner

    Immediately calms irritated skin.

  34. Devin James

    My daughter loves this product. It helps with her eczema very well. Thank you!!

  35. Mayme Moran

    Unscented and will fix my very dry skin.

  36. Jayden Mcdaniel

    My hands have majorly improved with the use of this cream. I would get very sore open places on my hands and this cream has definitely reduced the issue. I will be ordering more when needed. I highly recommend this hand cream if you have problems with your hands.

  37. Lizzie Ferguson

    I love this cream! Leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy. I wish it smelled a little nicer but overall good product!!

  38. Oscar Delgado

    I’m very impressed by this so far. It’s so light and airy but really moisturizes The smell is very nice and it absorbs so quickly you aren’t left feeling greasy. This is a very absorbent bomb that brings together high quality healing ingredients from around the world to effectively deal with dry skin and conditions like psoriasis. It truly helps to moisturize skin without burning or impeding the healing process. It smells very nice.

  39. Isaiah Cruz

    Really love this cream. I put it on my hands before bed and wake up with NEW HANDS!!

  40. Lois Norris

    My eczema on my hand hasn’t looked or felt this good in a LONG time! Reduces redness and inflammation. So glad I purchased this!

  41. Louisa Rodriquez

    So, I had this on hand, but not for eczema, rather, I had a reaction to a drug with hives. Used this and it calmed the rash immediately and almost gone within a day. It is truly scent free and not oily at all. Really a nice product.

  42. Andre Moore

    I have tried so many lotions for my eczema and Aveeno Eczema is the only lotion that actually helps. I don’t itch and the moisturizers make my skin feel great.

  43. Nina Stephens

    Very pleasant smell.

  44. Patrick Mullins

    This stuff works amazing on my daughters Eczema. I will definitely be buying more

  45. Wayne Miles

    This is the only thing that works. It takes the itchiness away. An area that wouldn’t go away finally went away after using this lotion for awhile. It took a bit, but nothing else worked. The best!

  46. Clarence Young

    This cream is perfect for my son’s eczema. He has bad dry rashes and this cream has cleared it up.

  47. Alex Daniels

    I am starting to use the cream and I can\’t tell you if it working but take approximately two week or less.

  48. Marc Gill

    Leaves dry, chapped hands very soft. All you need is a little dab! Works very well!

  49. Alfred Austin

    I have had eczema all my life, so have tried many products. I am happiest with this product.

  50. Juan Harper

    using this cream because I have Plague Psoriasis and Eczema

  51. Olivia Harper

    This is unscented, I am sensitive to smell so that was pretty important. Have been using this in dry eczema skin and seems to be doing the trick. Is important to remember to use often as it takes a few days to see results.

  52. Blake Mills

    My skin is super sensitive, the only scent is natural I believe, from cocoa butter. It is a truly wonderful cream.

  53. Hunter Roberson

    The smell is not too strong but pleasant. It helped a ton with my kids’ dry skin!! definitely recommend 100%

  54. Blanche Jones

    I actually bought for my hands, but it is so light, soft and creamy I decided to use it for my face and I love it! Needed something thicker and heavier for my hands.

  55. Russell Powers

    Really good for people with dry and sensitive skin.

  56. Lela Griffin

    It feels great on my skin and it stop the itching

  57. Gerald Massey

    Eczema is a bothersome thing in our house with 2 kids. They have a good amount of eczema. This product gives us a great Creams for their breakouts and last long.

  58. Jack Fleming

    Great for winters and great for sensitive skin types. I love it and will keep using it.

  59. Pauline Barber

    My son suffers from eczema. Aside from prescription treatments, we try to find things easier on his skin but that help heal. I first got this for him in December and he has said it is really helping the redness and flaking.

  60. Julia Olson

    Bought this for my daughter who suffers from eczema She said this cream works great.

  61. Patrick Hale

    This cream is awesome for my daughter’s eczema! No sting or burning when is applied on her skin. And she likes the smell as well.

  62. Julian Hampton

    I have very sensitive skin and this is an amazing product that doesn’t make me break out!! Love love!!!

  63. Marian Drake

    My Daughter likes this product and it’s been helping her a lot! Thank you so much!

  64. Laura Johnston

    I will continue using this until I’m certain my neck is fully healed but I am SO thankful to have found this. It is very thick with a bit of a greasy quality, but I don’t care, it works!

  65. Willie Pittman

    This product works really good on my lips and hands. I have used several different Chopstick and none of them worked for me. This product works great and I also have tried several hand creams but this one works great for me

  66. Edgar Sparks

    Very rich and moisturizing – makes my itchy skin due to Eczema feel so much better. And the smell is heavenly! I am glad I bought it and will buy it again.

  67. Franklin Marsh

    I was desperate fur retired from the resurgence of eczema that I have had since I was 14 years old. This stuff gave me the relief with the first use. It’s only been a few days, so we’ll see how it goes in the long run

  68. Ida Chavez

    It has a great smell and feel. Seems to not irritate my skin which is prone to psoriasis and eczema. I love everything about it

  69. May Huff

    I used this on my skin after a shower and seems to help the skin a lot and also heal the skin from when I get hives outbreaks.

  70. Franklin Casey

    This product was purchased to treat eczema. We try to avoid harsh steroid creams, so this seemed like an appealing alternative. It did the trick. A little bit goes a long way. The cream absorbed quickly, and has no real scent. Took a day or two, and relieved inflamed, dry skin. I would highly recommend this product.

  71. Lucille Phelps

    This works really well and helps my daughter from itching a lot. It moisturizing and smell good.

  72. Walter Oliver

    My sister got this for her son’s dry cracking hands, and it did wonders, so I got some for my daughters who has eczema and she said it really helps her condition.

  73. Trevor Hunt

    I have dry skin and this product is great for it. It is great for the cold weather. It smells great and it give me the moisture that I needed for my dry hands. It\’s not greasy at all. I put this on every single time I washes my hands at work and I also use this on my face.

  74. Lilly Tucker

    Amazing product! Goes on smoothly and helps with dry skin. Highly recommend!

  75. Rose Roy

    I’m so happy and surprised by this cream!! I see a huge difference in my skin after using it for just one day!!

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