100x Washed Ghee Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Pigmentation Cream

(75 customer reviews)

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Organic and Natural Anti-Wrinkle, Eczema, Psoriasis, Stretch Mark, and Pigmentation Cream
6 oz
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Ingredients and Manufacturing:

  • Organic Ghee (from grass-fed cows) that’s washed 100 times and Rose Water (0 Chemicals, 0 Preservatives, 0 Colors, 0 Dyes).
  • We are 100% Made in USA.
  • Made with Highest Quality Organic Ingredients sourced from USA
  • Gluten Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Hormonal Balance Friendly

How to Use: Take a tiny bit and massage it well into your skin.

Product Care Instructions:

  • Please refrigerate as this product is completely free from preservatives and emulsifiers.
  • Use a clean spoon/clean fingers to scoop out the product.


  • 100 times washed ghee is clarified butter in its purest, optimal and most bio-available form, where it easily penetrates deep into the skin delivering essential vitamins, fat and protein to heal and strengthen the skin. Ghee has the power to deliver nutrients deep into the tissues.
  • With regular use, you will restore and maintain your youthful glory and feel confident to step out without makeup. Regular usage guarantees restoration and preservation of youthful, healthy skin.
  • Skin becomes firmer, well hydrated, superbly nourished, even toned and supple. Scars fade way. Wrinkles soften and disappear. This imparts a natural glow and silk-like texture to the skin.
  • Rose water soothes and cools the skin, and it’s light all-natural fragrance uplifts the senses.
  • This jar of precious cream is truly an elixir, the answer to totally reversing aging and healing of all skin conditions.
  • A truly chemical free and clean product. No other product in the market comes close to this in regenerative powers without introducing harsh chemicals, parabens, and carcinogens into the body.
  • This is 100% safe for Children (unless they are allergic to Ghee or rose water – which is very rare).
  • 100% safe to use during pregnancy and nursing.
  • Great for anyone with auto-immune disorders as this does not trigger hormone imbalance.
  • Recommended for all age groups.
  • Safe to use during medical treatments.
  • Excellent for Spa massage.
  • Overall, the perfect, healthy moisturizer for the whole family.

Best Anti Aging Cream:

Everyone wants to look younger and has a good idea how to do so with an anti-aging cream. Having thinning, fine lines and wrinkles are not something to be taken lightly, and some good aging skin care should be done to rid oneself of this problem. The following information is meant to provide some guidance in finding the right anti aging cream for your specific skin type.

Anti aging wrinkle cream will not do much for you if it contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid. These are the two chemicals that most over the counter anti aging creams contain. Some wrinkle creams contain either vitamin A or B and also contains benzoyl peroxide. What they do is actually just give your skin a deeper damage because of the chemical that is used.

Other factors that can help with getting rid of wrinkles include having a full body skin care regimen that includes using 100x ghee cream with essential oils such as lavender, Rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon balm, lavender and others. These oils can do wonders for your face and body as they calm your skin down and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It should also be noted that there are several other ingredients in the wrinkle cream that are actually designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well. They are natural extracts such as extracts from rosehip, grape seed, chamomile, camellia, butters, acerola and others. These ingredients can definitely enhance the wrinkle removal process and also provide added antioxidants to the skin.

There are many reviews about using a natural anti aging skin care product. What you should always remember is that these reviews are intended to represent the opinion of an individual user, rather than a scientific study. This means that the effect of each ingredient can vary and could also be beneficial to use.

Anti aging wrinkle cream is not only something to use, but also a vital component of a good healthy skin care routine. By utilizing the natural anti aging cream you can get the results you want in less time and without having to spend too much money on it.


Why Natural Anti Wrinkle?

Yes, we are in 2020, but unfortunately there are no time vehicles – YET. So, if you’re trying to go back in time to get rid of wrinkles

For centuries, people again obscured the beauty rituals, which were allegedly the fountain of the fountain of youth – Cleopatra was known for bathing in donkey’s milk. But to age gracefully, there is only one secret – you need a collection of products that restore, protect and regenerate the skin.

To help you go back in time, we have the best anti-aging product that you can present to your routine. From wonders of natural beauty to masks, oils, peels, treatments and favorite moisturizers, tested and proven, this reduce wrinkles and give shine to the shine of the sands of time.

Moisturizing alone can improve the appearance of your skin. Temporarily penetrates the skin, making lines and wrinkles less visible.

An anti wrinkle cream may lessen the appearance of your wrinkles, depending on how often you use it, the type and amount of active ingredient in the wrinkle cream, and the type of wrinkles you want to treat.

But if you want to take the guesswork out of your skin care regimen, try these more reliable ways to improve and maintain your skin’s appearance.

Weight 6 oz

75 reviews for 100x Washed Ghee Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Pigmentation Cream

  1. Cecilia Snyder

    One of the best facial moisturizers I’ve used. My skin tingles a little When first applying and feels soft and moisturized in the morning

  2. Janie Harrison

    Overall, this cream is a great option for those looking to boost collagen and are looking for more luminosity. I would say that for the price, this is a great option! The scent is nice although I would prefer it to be fragrance free.

  3. Leonard Duncan

    I use it for day and night. I don’t have any Undesirable reaction with this product. I really like it, my skin don’t look oily even if the cream is rich.

  4. Louisa Moore

    Best skin care! Changed my skin for the better!

  5. Hulda Ballard

    I’m 58 and was looking for something that was organic and safe. I had lost a lot of weight and developed many find lines on my face. I was so amazed after I used it for the first time. Especially with the fine lines around my eyes. This product works fabulous. My skin soaked it right in. I had a friend of mine try and she will be purchasing it also. I will absolutely be purchasing it again.

  6. Rachel Matthews

    I have tried quite a few other recommended face cream products and Sakaraessentials truly shows and feels like my skin is younger. Folks at work have complimented me on how good I look

  7. Allen Cummings

    Make my skin glow but I use them for day time because I need them mostly for day . I wish I can get the same for day time too .

  8. Susan Kelley

    I use it for my face and neck! Absolutely does the job. My skin is brighter and soft

  9. Adeline Willis

    I really enjoyed this product. It’s very thick and moisturizing but doesn’t leave my skin oily either. The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming, and I noticed my skin tighten a little with use. Overall I’d definitely recommend it.

  10. Alexander Zimmerman

    My face felt and looked fresher after using this. It’s really good for minimizing wrinkles. It also smells good, not too strong.

  11. Rebecca Johnston

    I work so hard to find unscented products especially around my nose. This is perfect in that area. I wish it worked better on sagging skin but seems to work on wrinkles.

  12. Polly Webb

    I love the product! I use it daily under my makeup. It’s not oily and absorbs quickly

  13. Harold Griffith

    This moisturizer is amazing! my skin feels so soft it’s a MUST HAVE!!!

  14. Kenneth Glover

    I really enjoy the Sakaraessentials Moisturizer enough that I have been reordering it. It is lightweight, has a good scent and doesn’t leave skin greasy or shiny. The company is really friendly and offers discount codes often or even upon a message request.

  15. Scott Marshall

    I love this product. The second time I ordered (and got to the end of using it I realized you could pop off the top just below the silver band and there was more inside. All for making sure it’s empty before ordering another. I use it daily and I can see improvement in my 52-year-old skin.

  16. Herman Murray

    A great moisturizer to wear under makeup. Has a pleasant scent. Doesn’t feel greasy.

  17. Josephine Hall

    Keeps skin moist and firms and minimizes wrinkles

  18. William Clayton

    I love this moisturizer! I would recommend to everyone

  19. Gabriel King

    Fantastic & amazing I’ve recommended it to all the Ladies at church who noticed the positive change in my aging skin. I’m 65 and was a sun bather all my life! I’ve already reordered it!! Love it!!

  20. Pauline Stanley

    Made my skin glow! Love this product

  21. Betty Thornton

    Love everything about it, the dispenser is unique which works great. Skin is butter soft, not greasy….63 year old skin

  22. Virginia Gray

    This product is amazing, I didn’t expect results makes me happy unlike other one but it act differently. It visibly reduces fine line and make my skin softer than before.

  23. Betty Hodges

    So far it has brightened my face and neck. Hydrated and makes my face and neck feel and appear smooth.”

  24. Ralph Lamb

    I put this cream on after I shower and it has enough moisture to get me through the day. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on my skin and smells good.

  25. Ricky Harvey

    I just started to use it upon receipt of product. Too soon to tell if I will get desired results. What I can say is that it is not greasy like some of the other moisturizers that I have used in the past. It absorbs quickly and your skin feels hydrated. Does not irritate my sensitive skin.

  26. Dora Herrera

    Love this product. Cleared up my breakouts and is very easy to use!

  27. Joseph Bennett

    I order regularly. Excellent product and outstanding service.

  28. Katharine Tran

    Now one of my favourite skin care products. Light weight cream noticed a difference immediately! Excellent value for money

  29. Sylvia Romero

    I love this cream it makes my face feel great with no greasy or shiny feeling and absorbs quickly. I would highly recommend.

  30. David Sutton

    I love this moisturizer! I’ve noticed a big difference with my skin in just a week. My skin looks brighter and younger. I can’t believe that a product this amazing is so affordable!

  31. Edward Cobb

    That’s sakaraessentials anti-aging moisturizer it’s great for sensitive skin and has a very soft set and it does an awesome job moisturizing my skin

  32. Don Gutierrez

    I look so much younger! I feel so rejuvenated! I am so moisturized! Thank you wonderful smelling cream

  33. Teresa Carr

    WOW! Lovely scent and I have very sensitive skin. There is an instant “crepe” skin reduction when I use this on my neck. I’ve used MUCH more expensive creams and moisturizers and they pale in comparison.

  34. Ola Lucas

    Smelled pretty good considering most creams don’t have much of a scent. My skin felt very soft and clean after using it. Definitely would recommend. Also did not leave my skin ashy or dry

  35. Garrett Flowers

    I feel like I’m aging faster

  36. Aaron Bates

    I have not found a better night moisturizer for my skin. It leaves my skin very soft and just makes it look better. Will never be without it!

  37. Theodore Vasquez

    So far so good, I am loving the sakaraessentials products. The non sticky, non oily and clean softness of my skin is wonderful, the smell is very nice. No noticeable difference yet but It has only been a few days.

  38. Thomas Peters

    Great product easy to use.

  39. Marguerite Goodman

    Happy with this product; has a great feel on the skin. My skin is very dry, but I think it’s good for all skin types & all ages as well, and I like that it’s not heavily scented. Glad I found this product.

  40. Jayden Dunn

    Definitely, not a bad purchase! It helped fading away several acne scars. I’ll buy this product again!

  41. Jayden Herrera

    It’s very light and absorbs into the skin nicely. Have noticed a “smoother” and softer appearance in my senior citizen face.

  42. Lucas Robbins

    Smells lovely and not greasy.

  43. Blake Jefferson

    I love this product even after 5 days I could see a difference !!

  44. Alma Stephens

    Literally see the results after one use! This is the best face product I have ever tried. Face looks younger, more fresh, less wrinkles and fine lines. I will stick with this product. No need to use anything else anymore-and I’ve tried SOOO many different brands.

  45. Myrtle Stone

    After about a week I noticed fewer wrinkles and a more tightened look to my face and neck area. Even the ugly droopiness under my eyes has improved. I’ve tried many other products with varying results, and this one is the best.

  46. Augusta Rodriguez

    This is my third jar. My skin is very dry so after I use this cream I also use a heavy duty moisturizer, It work well for me.

  47. William Davis

    Gift for my son. Very expensive for such a small container of the product. But he loves it! I’d buy it for him regularly if it was cheaper

  48. George Thompson

    Feels good and absorbs super fast . Definitely a good moisturizer that your can notice in the first few hours ! Will update this in a month

  49. Madge Becker

    I just stared using this product. Thus far I love it. It is measured, easy to apply, and feel great

  50. Mabel Woods

    I really like this product. I bought one for my husband and for myself. It glides on smoothly and don’t need much to go over the face. It feels clean and I have a lot less breakouts lately. I feel like face is a little brighter as well.

  51. Josephine Blake

    This lightweight anti-aging cream is amazing! It’s extremely hydrating and doesn’t cause any peeling or dryness. My skin looks younger and healthier. Definitely recommend!

  52. Sallie Soto

    This is really a great product. It goes on nice and felt wonderful. I used it day and night and will be buying more!

  53. Gertrude Malone

    My face feels and looks better. Not a world of difference, but there is a noticeable improvement.

  54. Emily Barnett

    The cream feels hydrating and is thicker than a lot of other anti aging creams!

  55. Violet Romero

    So far really like the cream. Not the least bit greasy

  56. Jack Frazier (verified owner)

    This cream goes on smooth and makes my skin feel supple.

  57. Eunice Barber

    I have very sensitive skin and was hesitant to try this. I have been using it for a few months and love it. Scented products bother me, this has a very light citrus scent which does not linger. It’s wonderful cream.

  58. Evan Jenkins

    I’m using this cream one month ago, it’s very hydrating, my skin is so soft after using this. Fragrance is pretty nice, and my skin are brighter than before. Dispenser are great for using correct quantity.

  59. Fanny Guerrero

    I love this product!!! It is everything you want in a moisturizer. I also love how awesome the top is to dispense the right amount of moisturizer with out contaminating it. Top of the line product! Will continue to buy.

  60. Harvey Lowe

    This product is amazing! Since I have been using my skin has gotten drastically better!

  61. Rebecca Santiago

    This moisturizer is amazing! It’s got a wonderfully light citrus scent, absorbs easily without any greasy feeling, and my skin feels soft and smooth after using. The dispenser provides just the right amount of product for the whole face with just one pump. It also allows for easy one handed dispensing leaving your other hand free to hold a mirror, adjust lighting, whatever you would need a free hand for. The packaging is also attractive and looks good on your vanity. I love the Cream.

  62. Jean Reyes

    Great product … noticed a difference in just a few days

  63. Lawrence Mccoy

    I love the way it smells and the creaminess of it. The Sakaraessentials Organics moisturizer goes on so smooth and doesn’t leave a greasy feel on my face or hands. The applicator on the container is the perfect. I can have sensitivity to some creams, but not with this product. I will be using this product from now on.

  64. Matilda Osborne

    Love the way it feels, not heavy or grease

  65. Maude Wilkerson

    Omg…this cream is like no other that I have tried. I have dry skin and this cream makes my face silky smooth!!

  66. Corey Grant

    I absolutely love this product. And I’m an alligator with sensitive skin.

  67. Clyde Quinn

    Love this moisturizer and the pump container it comes in! Very convenient!

  68. Kyle Reese

    I have used this for a while, and I will continue to use it. Love the results.

  69. Flora Wood

    Exolete 100% recommended

  70. Edgar Ruiz

    I bought this for my daughter-in-law as a gift. I love it. My face feels tighter in the morning, with a slight reddish tint that fades right away. I feel it’s giving me enough ‘skin irritation’ in the night that generates healing and prompting tighter skin. I’ll see how it goes after another month. So far I’m happy!

  71. Logan Walton

    Have to wait to see how it really works with time, but it is very soft and I can feel it on my face for hours after, in a good way!

  72. Louisa Park

    Best skin care line! Changed my skin for the better!

  73. Jeanette Davis

    I like the way this cream is dispensed. You just push down and it oozes out from the middle and sits there for you to use. The smell is very refreshing and the cream feels moisturizing without being heavy or greasy.

  74. Genevieve Hayes

    This product it does not feel greasy or smell like a lot of other moisturizers and it keeps my skin hydrated. love it!!

  75. Edward Morton

    Excellent product!!!! My skin feels hydrated and soft!!! Absolutely amazing. I use it every night before bed.

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