12 Gorgeous Beauty Benefits of Ghee for Skin, Hair & More :


Ghee is rising as a superfood because it’s rich in healthy fats & powerful nutrients but did you know that it provides gorgeous beauty benefits as well? Discover 12 beauty benefits of ghee for skin, hair & more in this post!


Also known as clarified butter, ghee is highly touted in Ayurveda as a healthy fat that has incredible beauty benefits. It’s not like any other fat out there ...t is a true nourishing ancient health food that’s rich in the following nutrients:

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1. Oxygenate your cells: Breathe deeply and completely for 1 minute every hour. Oxygen is our life force. Every process in our body utilizes oxygen; when oxygen is in abundance the processes are efficient and don’t leave any toxic residue. However, when enough oxygen is not available, then toxicity builds up. This built up toxicity leads of degeneration of the cells and body.


2. Manage the pH level of your body: The processes in your body do not operate

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Post-Partum Care Tips For Mothers Based on Ayurveda :


1. Drink only warm water with spices like fennel, anise, and cumin for at least 2 weeks.


2. Eat light nutritious food in small portions


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5 Tips To Take Care Of Yourself During Pregnancy :


1.Eat Well: Make sure the food you are eating is hormone free, free of chemicals, and pesticides. Drink a glass of milk, some fruits and nuts, and a teaspoon of ghee every day. Vitamin K in the Ghee is said to make beautiful babies with more proportionate facial features.


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