Post-Partum Care Tips For Mothers Based on Ayurveda :


1. Drink only warm water with spices like fennel, anise, and cumin for at least 2 weeks.


2. Eat light nutritious food in small portions.


3. Eat a teaspoon of Garlic Ghee every day to heal and nourish yourself internally and to prevent infections.


4. Use Ghee sugar scrub on wet skin during bath to rejuvenate your skin, reduce pigmentation and stretch marks.


5. Take only warm short showers to prevent weakening of bones.


6. Massage your body everyday post-delivery for 40 days to strengthen it and t lose the water weight.


7. Put a cooling rose pack on your face to rehydrate and relax.


8. Have a glass of turmeric milk every night to heal your body internally.


9. Have a teaspoon of fenugreek soaked overnight to boost milk production.


10. Sleep as much as you can to keep cortisol levels normal in order to avoid weight gain.